Kenya Defence Forces (KDF)

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HI/LO Fast?Slow Config for LO segment

Post  proud kenyan on Wed Nov 22 2017, 23:57

a  good airforce is one that has a good mixture of HI-aircraft that knocks on the door and establishes air superiority over enemy airspace, taking out any and all SAMs watching over the airspace; and LO-birds there to offer any and all help to ground forces while configured for the ground attack. Our country has a number of aircraft for the above roles, and is thinking of some new birds for the same above roles, i.e. the longsword (big safari granted L3 a contract for not more than $210m for some aircraft, longsword?). Can this adequately cover the LO part or will brass also add/modify a squadron of super tucanos to compliment them (Super tucanos can get to an AO faster than the AT 802U, but the AT can loiter longer than the tucano.) I think this is a match made in heaven, freeing up funds substantially to go for the F15/SU35/(insert comparable 2-engine chinese bird here), maybe Mig35 if they can get the ops radius to competing fighter ranges. This can also ensure the F5s would move down to a LO config, covering for the AT 802U/tucano whenever needed.
Can the tucano be acquired without uncle sam's components to ensure we are never blocked off whenever they decide we have become too arrogant for them?
Naval things. Why cant we produce our own boats, even if it involves welcoming a shipbuilder who would get us going with our coast guard ships. I like the chinese way of thinking with their type 55, kitting them out for a role from a base hull. By the time we are done with our coast guard boats building, I believe we would have a substantially skilled labour force able to embark on the blue water hulls, even if we have to kit them out using external weapons in the initial.
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Re: Kenya Defence Forces (KDF)

Post  Cycoh 'DUDUS' on Wed Dec 06 2017, 13:00

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