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Re: Kenya Defence Force

Post  Olekoima on Wed Mar 21 2012, 09:43

Analyst wrote:
jasiri wrote:
@Analyst, Sudan has no Sukhois, MiG 29's are their prime machines.

Jasiri....hope you are good.

Let me clear the mist about the Sudanese Air Force Sukhoi's

Sudanese Air Force had one Su-25 in service as of November 2008 (a trial purchase) and on the same year along-side Gambia and Chad bought more from break away republic of Belarus.

Sudan Acquired 15 Russian-made Sukhoi Su-25 "Frogfoot" Fighters from Belarus in 2008.

A reliable link here
And the images here

This is also documented in some quite high profile intel resources online.

It was my understanding that Jasiri meant either the SU-27 or the SU-30, but not the Frogfoot although his post erroneously depicted that there were no Sukhois at all in the Sudan.


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