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Post  Olekoima on Fri Oct 12 2012, 16:00

Spartan wrote:
Olekoima wrote:
Spartan wrote:
HokumA wrote:
Nigeria is deploying the L-39, I hear UPDF-AF has this bird and KDF-AF might be in the process of acquiring this bird.

The L-39 is a light ground attack/trainer aircraft. Like the SU-30s, they are two-seater and therefore suited for use as a trainer in Ug's situation. Kenya acquiring L-39s, quality-wise that would be horizontal movement not vertical in my view.

Why do you say so @ Spartan?

The F-5 as a fighter is just as good or even better than the L-39, in my view. I meant that Kenya should go for something much better than what it already has. Hope I've cleared the air.

Well, i see. Perhaps use the F-5 has a conversion to a newer 4th generation fighter?


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