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Post  schiu on Thu Feb 21 2013, 12:22

Did you see
President Obama's video on YouTube urging Kenyans to vote peacefully at
their elections next month? There's a petition people are signing to show
Kenyans that people across the world support them to VOTE IN PEACE too.

Next month, on March 4, 2013, Kenyan citizens will go to the polls to vote.You can urge Kenyans to VOTE IN PEACE by signing this petition.

To see the petition Google:'urge Kenyans vote peace'

In the 2007-08 election Kenya erupted in the worst violence the country
had experienced in decades. It shocked Kenyans and the world. Over
1,500 were killed, and up to 600,000 were displaced.

But, it doesn't have to be this way - election violence is not inevitable.

In fact, in the past, Kenyans have shown they have the capacity to
unite, transcend their differences and vote peacefully. In 2010, they
did just that. Just two years after the 2007-08 post-election violence,
when wounds were still raw, Kenyans went to the polls again to vote in a
new constitution. There was no violence. Not one person was killed.
Kenyans chose peace.

It is up to ordinary Kenyans to choose peace again. Let
us show Kenyans that people across the world support them in rejecting
intimidation and violence. Let Kenyans know that we support them in
coming together to continue building their great country.

Sign the urgent petition calling on all Kenyan citizens to respect the rule of law and VOTE IN PEACE
and then forward this to everyone -- when we hit 50,000 signers we'll
take our unprecedented global call to the local media in Kenya who will
let all Kenyans know that the world is supporting them to vote

To see the petition Google:'urge Kenyans vote peace'

President Barack Obama has urged Kenyans to vote in peace too.
He delivered a personal message to the people of Kenya, where his father
was born, urging them to “reject intimidation and violence and allow a
free and fair vote.” Watch the video on YouTube.

Statement of Support:
The March 2013 elections should
bring Kenyans together in a celebration of diversity. The elections will
be an opportunity for Kenyans to own their peace and take a huge step
towards decentralizing power and devolving resources to the newly
created counties. Kenya needs friends to do this. It is said that if you
want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk with
friends. Let us walk far, friends of Kenya.
Alice Nderitu, Kenya.
Woman PeaceMaker 2012, Joan B Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice


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Post  Sierra Kilo on Thu Mar 07 2013, 16:30

My dear, Kenyans dont need anyone to tell them how they should behave in their own country, we do not also tell others how they should vote for romney and not hussein etc. We know what our stake is in our motherland and that is the reason our ancestors shed blood to liberate our land from these noise makers. These mediocre petitions belong to a Kenya in another planet and not the one we all know and love.
Sierra Kilo

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